Session Guitarist – Picked Acoustic by Native Instruments

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 20 September 2019
  • Time to read: 4 min.

SESSION GUITARIST – PICKED ACOUSTIC is the latest release of Native Instruments providing you with an acoustic guitar picking and strumming pattern based sample library powered by KONTAKT.

Perform with your pick of two powerful KONTAKT instruments: A pattern-based instrument packed with 194 authentic picking and strumming patterns, and another primed for playing or programming in your own melodies. Each instrument is based on a carefully sampled 1973 Martin 00-21, played by a studio-session veteran and recorded through a mix of boutique and vintage microphones and high-end outboard gear.

SESSION GUITARIST – PICKED ACOUSTIC combines a pattern-based guitar library with a sophisticated multisample set, designed to deliver authentic sounding melodies, picking and strumming patterns for songwriting and music production. Its samples originate from a carefully selected vintage Martin 00-21 steel-string guitar. To provide maximum sonic variety, the entire sample content was recorded using three individual stereo microphone setups which can be selected in the user interface: The “Condenser (AB)” mic setup uses two spaced condenser microphones, creating a natural and modern-sounding stereo image. The “Dynamic (MS)” mic setup uses a single vintage dynamic microphone to recreate the earthy sound of old rock and folk recordings from the 70s. A tube condenser mic in Figure-Of-Eight setting was added to derive continuously adjustable stereo signal. The “Ribbon (Blumlein)” mic setup employs two vintage ribbon microphones to recreate the rich and warm sound of the Hollywood era. The softness of this signal leaves plenty of space for vocals or dialogue in film music productions. The signals were recorded through a combination of vintage Neve preamps and the SPL Crescendo preamp, converted by an SPL Madison analog-to-digital converter, and fed into an RME MADIface XT via MADI.

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The PICKED ACOUSTIC library consists of two KONTAKT instruments, containing a large number of patterns covering a wide selection of musical genres and playing styles, such as strumming and picking of arpeggiated chords in open, muted and flageolet playing styles. The melody instrument provides open, muted, flageolet and tremolo articulations. Each articulation can be played with fingers or plectrum. An optional monophonic mode makes it possible to play single-note melodies with unprecedented realism. Advanced features like slides, the automatic addition of fret noises and the automatic triggering of hammer-ons and pull-offs lead to authentic-sounding results in no time.

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Performed by Studio Guitarist Andreas Dombert

Patterns and sample content were performed by studio guitarist Andreas Dombert and the pattern library was developed with guitarists Andreas Dombert, Johannes Feige and Christoph Bernewitz. The patterns are grouped in song presets, containing 4–6 patterns that go together well, as well as a matching sound preset. You can select patterns via key switches and play them as chords on your MIDI keyboard. Pattern playback will always stay in sync with your host project.

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Professional Studio Effects

PICKED ACOUSTIC includes a selection of professional studio effects like equalizers, compressors, reverb and delay units and more, to enhance the microphone signals. Up to seven effects can be combined in an effects chain and the included sound presets cover a wide range of musical applications.

3 Boutique Setups, 3 Distinct Sounds

PICKED ACOUSTIC captures the rich, clear tone of a Martin 00-21 – a small-bodied, Sitka spruce-topped guitar, perfectly suited to melodic and finger-picked playing styles. Favored by Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and many others over the years, the 00-21 has featured on countless hit records. Our model, a pristine 1973 example, was played by a seasoned session pro and sampled through three different stereo microphone setups for maximum versatility:

The Condenser (AB) mic setup uses two condenser mics for a natural, modern-sounding stereo image. Dynamic (MS) uses a vintage dynamic mic to recall the rock and folk sounds of the 70s, enhanced with a tube condenser mic in figure-of-eight mode for adjustable stereo width. And Ribbon (Blumlein) employs two ribbon mics for a rich and warm vintage sound.

Improved Payback Engine

The key feature of PICKED ACOUSTIC is its revolutionary playback engine. You can seamlessly switch between different patterns, and also alter the dynamics in real-time, thus creating true-to-life musical performances. In contrast to most pattern-based instruments, the number of available chord types is virtually endless. Because all the nuances of the original performance, such as exact timing and dynamics, have been preserved, you will notice that the instrument feels very natural and organic. All of the integrated patterns can be played over a wide tempo range in outstanding sound quality.

194 Patterns And Melodies On Tap

Whether you’re producing a track, recording a jingle, or just laying down a demo, PICKED ACOUSTIC gets you started fast. Choose from a huge variety of picked rhythms, arpeggios, and strummed patterns in a range of styles and musical genres. Load the separate melody instrument to meld loops and melodies into one cohesive, authentic performance. Then polish your performance with vibrato, hammer-ons, and pull-offs, as well as advanced playing techniques like harmonics and tremolo – each playable with fingers or plectrum in multiple positions on the neck. Add slides, fret noise, and even tweak the guitar’s tuning accuracy.

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Pair PICKED ACOUSTIC with a KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard for a fun, easy, and efficient way to access everything the instrument has to offer. With KOMPLETE KONTROL hardware, you can quickly browse patterns, tweak and preview sounds, and get at-a-glance info on key ranges and articulations with the Light Guide.


PICKED ACOUSTIC is available now directly at Native Instruments site.

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