Review of VENTO: Modern Woodwinds Review by Heavyocity

Like it’s influencing predecessors NOVO (Strings) and FORZO (brass), VENTO is Heavyocity’s next product in a full orchestra collection that is very different from the classical libraries available today. The extremely successful Novo was extended by Novo Pack 03 Synthetic Strings, NOVO PACK 02 – Rhythmic Textures and Intimate Textures Novo Pack 1. While Novo was their first orchestral like library which got the highest ratings you can see how Heavyocity improves with each of these hybrid orchestral library releases. I really hope that we will see expansion for VENTO. Next a similar enigmatical Modern Percussion library pls!

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VENTO: Modern Woodwinds Review - a Hybrid Textures Woodwinds Sound Design Engine
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