Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio Review

Voltage Modular is one of the Computer-Based modular systems that is offering a wide range of growing support by the developer and third-party companies. The software Voltage Modular under review today is a virtual modular synthesizer that enables you to produce evolving soundscapes, drum sequences or if you are into sound hunting the so well known eurorack beeps and boings. If you are new to modular also read our Top 10 Things to Know Before Launching into Eurorack article.

Plug-In Host for AU and VST

The Plugin Host module allows you to load many effect plugins that are available in your DAW only. You should load after saving a patch as you may run into issues loading the plugin and can crash your system.

Voltage Module Designer

For the developer, the Voltage Module Designer enables you to create your own Modules. These Modules can be offered in the shop when obtaining the Voltage Module Designer Commercial License. With a FREE Personal License for Voltage Module Designer, you can design, build, debug, and test your own modules in Voltage Modular Designer, and you can publish them for personal use in Voltage Modular. With a Commercial License for Voltage Module Designer, you can submit your modules for potential sale on the Voltage Module Store.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

Voltage Modular is a powerful and authentic modular synth for your MAC or PC. It comes with an excellent presets selection and a baseline of include modules that get you going to learn and discover modular. If you did not enter the world of modular synthesis yet, you can get started with tons of fun and learn so much when you make your step into AE Modular or Eurorack. Voltage Modular is excellent for beginners and any expert or professional who works in a hybrid system.

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