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Video Tutorial – Creating A Patch In U-He Zebra – Lo-Fi Pad




Creating A Patch In U He Zebra – Lo Fi Pad

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Creating A Patch In U-He Zebra – Lo-Fi Pad

How do you create a lo-fi, vintage-style pad in U-he Zebra? In this video I take apart a patch from my soundbank Automaton to show you how I created it from scratch, and to demonstrate how Zebra can be a powerful tool to create rich pads.

In this video I want to share with you how I achieved:

  • Using the Oscillator Detune knob to create warmth
  • How to add a vintage quality to the sound
  • Creating a lo-fi sound using the Decimate filter
  • Using lanes to blend different sounds
  • How to create a fake shimmer-style reverb

The patch ‘Broken & Destitute’ is taken from my soundbank Automaton, a collection of 100 presets for U-he Zebra that focus on robotic-style cinematic sounds. Automaton is a collection of 100 lo-fi robotic presets for U-he Zebra 2. Inspired by scores such as Tron: Legacy and Mr. Robot, Automaton is full of patches brimming with gritty, bit-crushed character. From crunchy percussion and tearing sequences, to crushed pads and soaring leads, this set is ideal for anyone looking to infuse their cinematic compositions with this unique robotic style.

Video Tutorial – Creating A Patch In U-He Zebra – Lo-Fi Pad 3

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