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Scoring Synths by Audio Ollie Review

Audio Ollie’s Scoring Synths is unique, and it stands out in the market where many synth based products are offered. Besides the synth used two of the most significant sound defining factors are where you perform and record a hardware synth and the recording setup.

When it comes to recording, it does start with a defining microphone, many different microphone positions and because they are different special effects, all go into a preamp and then onwards to a console and the device (or tape) that is used to record the performance.

The synths have been captured in Studio A – Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios where the producer did have access to their equipment and the vintage hardware (Mics, Effects, Mic Preamps, Dynamics Processors, Equalizers) in the studio. Audio Ollie did send a review copy with no strings attached.

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Scoring Synths requires the Full version of Kontakt and will not work with the free Kontakt sample player. You download the Scoring Synths library through the Continuata Connect Download tool.


The vibe of the instruments from Scoring Synths overall is fabulous and very useful. There is a lot of high content included. I do love the low-end sub filler, sub drops, and sub exciter. Primarily the team recorded a Moog Minimoog Model D Analog Synthesizer.

Scoring Synths has a wide variety of instruments (patches) a full list can be found here. The Kontakt library covers BASS, FX, PERCUSSION, BASS, PADS, SYNTH, SUB.

Effects that you need to add to this library are compression, modulation, delay, reverb, and saturation. Which is great as you still have the possibility to make this library as wet as your project requires. Here you have basic source tones that are funneled through good sounding hardware. You can take these tones are they are –  use a delay or other effects and stack them into something exceptional good sounding.

Looking at the content of Scoring Synths as source content you know where I would go next with this approach. When it comes to sound design and further processing the source material tools from 2CAudio,  Audio Damage, BOOMLibrary, FabFilter, GoodhertzIK Multimedia, KILOHEARTSKrotosKushSugar Bytes, and others, you can make those sound even more aggressive or lofi according to what is needed for your project. An easy way to prepare an organic sounding, dark instrument. You get much better soundings instruments that you processed yourself to get individual a particular synths.

What makes this library an individual collection of instruments is the broad variety of mic positions that are included. You have access to the recording from a DI, Close, Mid room, Deca (with independent Center Channel), Wide, Surround, and Rear Surround Microphones. You can mix the microphones or select the one that has the best sound for the track or emotion you want to deliver.

The whole library is a large sound container which includes key synth based cool sounding vibes and instruments. You can process the content further or use the sounds for a trailer, underscore, drones and as a key element to any score to picture.

User interface & Usability

The Interface is shared across all patches and minimalistic.The default mode is polyphonic and can be changed to mono or for a smooth transition there is a legato mode or glide with portamento. The developer sampled filters you can mix those tones in through the interface. This is helpful to change the tone of the sound

Scoring Synths UI

There are included highpass filter under the DI Microphone bank, that small button under DI allows you to adjust the tone.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Scoring Synth is a unique and over time recognizable well sounding synth library that has its character. The flexibility to use different mic recordings will give you access to various tone overall unparalleled flexibility comparing this library to soft synth library.

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