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Digital Motion for Falcon by UVI Review




Digital Motion UI

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Digital Motion for Falcon by UVI Review

When I listen to the first patches of Digital Motion I was instantly sucked into the vibe of the past days that is attached to the sound of FM Synthesizer.

UVI as a team always launches new Falcon expansions (SubcultureCinematic ShadesAnalog Motion, and more ) that are useful and covers different areas of music or sound. UVI did send a review copy with no strings attached.


Digital Motion is a Falcon expansion; you need to own the Falcon product which is highly recommended (see our review here: Falcon By UVI – Review). Digital Motion downloads as a small package (8MB) that you install into your Falcon expansion location on your hard drive. You need to activate in iLok the license for Digital Motion. Then you are ready to use it. The library requires Falcon version 1.4.1+.


With Digital Motion you can explore mellow tuneful that an FM Synth can produce. UVI

Digital Motion for Falcon 1
Digital Motion Expansion for Falcon

Included are 115 presets that can be full, dramatic or pulsing. UVI gives you a starting point with those Falcon patches, and you should use the included controls to experiment and come up with your versions of a patch. To shape the sound further use the included effects within Falcon or many of the great effect tools that exist today in your DAW. For example, 2CAudio,  Audio DamageBOOMLibraryFabFilterGoodhertzIK MultimediaKILOHEARTSKrotos,  KushSugar Bytes or others.

Digital Motion sweet patches cover bells, pads, keys, organs, leads, basses atmospheres and FX. The number of presets could be higher for such an expansion as this is not sample based and slightly program based.

User interface & Usability

UVI is still able to develop a practical and charming interface. The interface changes slightly per UIV Falcon expansion, UVI keeps up with extraordinary level usability.

Digital Motion UI
Digital Motion UI

As you are using the Falcon sampler, you have full access to the used effects within Falcon and can change and add new ones to improve the sound.

Digital Motion Effects
Digital Motion Falcon Effects

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Digital Motion was produced to score to picture and has excellent melodic, mysterious, and tuneful presets. The library comes with a small footprint on your hard drive; patches load very quickly. The number of presets could be higher – with the tools in Falcon you can quickly expand the sounds yourself.

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