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33% OFF -Kinetic String Motion Engine by Kirk Hunter Studios

Kirk Hunter Studios proudly presents their latest release – Kinetic String Motion Engine (Affiliate Link)!

At the time of this product release, there does not exist another instrument that can let you play FOUR string sections (violins, violas, cellos, and basses) at the SAME TIME. But with Kinetic, you get the entire string section in one instrument.

That means you get a separate timeline for each section. Each timeline contains 64 note or rest events and can be divided into up to 4 “regions”. And you can have each timeline play a different pattern whether you hold down a single note or chord!

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Choose from 30 fun-to-play presets. And if you really want to get wild, you can choose the any of the same 30 presets for each section separately. That means you could have the violins playing the “Superman” preset, the violas play the “Terminator” preset, the cellos play the “Xmen” preset, and the basses play the “Cap. America” preset ALL AT THE SAME TIME! And of course, any or all of these patterns can be edited.

Kinetic Strings contains 16 violins, 10 violas, 8 cellos, and 4 basses. Included articulations are Spiccato, Marcato, and Pizzicato. And each articulation can be “tightened or broadened”.

Pricing and Availability

Kinetic String Motion Engine (Affiliate Link) is available immediately. Now only $99.99 instead of $149.99.

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