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Mutant Brain – Édition Noire by Hexinverter Électronique is now Available




Mutant Brain Édition Noire by Hexinverter Électronique

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The ultra-configurable Mutant Brain MIDI to CV and Gate module is finally back in stock – and sporting a new panel look! You can find them at your modular dealer – or grab one straight from Hexinverter Direct. The Mutant Brain is the central nervous system of a modern eurorack modular setup. A versatile and highly configurable link between your stage and studio MIDI gear. 16 eurorack compatible outputs are all configurable as a plethora of different functions, with 4 CV outputs and 12 digital Gate/Trig outputs available to assign using the MUTANT BRAIN SURGERY CONFIGURATION PAGE to create a SysEx file for patching.

No menu diving, need to be tethered to a computer program, or accidental changes once the device is setup! Just turn on your Mutant Brain, playback your MIDI SysEx patch and the Mutant Brain remembers it for you until you want to change it. All 16 outputs are capable of having different MIDI channels and/or note ranges assigned to them!

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Mutant Brain – Édition Noire Features

4 CV Outputs (0V to 8V) can be:

  • Notes (Mono or Polyphonic, V/Oct or V/Hz)
  • Pitch Bend, Velocity or Aftertouch
  • MIDI CC values (LFOs, modulation, etc.) 
  • Fixed Voltage Values

12 GATE Outputs (0 to 5V) can be:

  • Note Gates and Triggers 
  • Drum Triggers, Retriggers
  • MIDI Transport (Start, Stop, Run, Resets)
  • MIDI Clock Ticks (Divisions)
  • CC Value Above/Below Threshold
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Mutant Brain – Édition Noire by Hexinverter Électronique

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