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Artists Confirmed for Loop 2020

Here’s a look at some of the latest artists and events confirmed for Loop 2020.

BBC Radio DJ and presenter Mary Anne Hobbs will share experiences from her extensive career in broadcasting; she’ll take part in an onstage listening session discussing musical obsessions both old and new. 

machìna is a Korean producer-performer with an eclectic resumé and an intimate creative process: a trained jazz pianist who became a K-Pop singer before discovering modular synths and sampling, she’ll host an interactive workshop using participants’ personal objects as inspiration for collaborative music-making. 

Plus we welcome the musique-concrète-meets-hip-hop trio known as clipping. – in a live Track Deconstruction, they’ll take us through the collaborative tools and techniques behind their brand of dark soundscapes, bizarre time signatures, and fantastic narrative worlds.

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Also confirmed for this edition of Loop are Adam Neely, ZULI and Jana Rush, plus Emma Warren, Hilary Jeffery and Maya Shenfeld – see more about the latest lineup.

  • Adam Neely
  • Antenes
  • clipping.
  • Colin Self
  • Conor Dalton
  • Deena Abdelwahed
  • duendita
  • Emma Warren
  • Eric Pitra
  • Evelyn Glennie
  • Ex-Easter Island Head
  • Feels
  • Georgia Anne Muldrow
  • Hilary Jeffery
  • Jana Rush
  • JFDR
  • Joel Holmes & Cody Currie
  • Khyam Allami
  • Liz Teutsch
  • machìna
  • Mary Anne Hobbs
  • Maya Shenfeld
  • NYX
  • Sotomayor
  • Sylvia Massy
  • Uwalmassa
  • ZULI
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