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Stringache Review – a Kontakt Library for the Contemporary Horror Market by Silence+Other Sounds




Stringache Artwork

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Stringache by Silence+Other Sounds Review

The Kontakt Library Stringache by Silence+Other Sounds is under review today. Stringache is a contemporary horror library based on recorded string sounds and noises. The included sounds all went through a processing chain after recorded from different string instruments.

Stringache by SilenceOther Sounds Review Twisted Gestures
Stringache by Silence+Other Sounds Review Twisted Gestures


The Full Kontakt product is required to run the Kontakt library patches. If you prefer you can use WAV files (designed and source) in 96kHz and 24bit.


Silence+Other Sounds’ Stringache is a collection of a mixture of ingredients that a sound designer, composer for trailer or film can use to produce horror cinematic effect to scare the audience.

Silence+Other Sounds recorded by using close microphone a large variety of violin stabs and screeches, staccatos, bowed noises, and more. Next step was to shape and transform them all with selected used effects. All professional recorded and sound designed elements offer you an excellent collection of sound sources to produce a booming score.

Some sounds in the STRINGACHE – Cinematic String SFX 01 patch reminded me of a Sci-Fi theme, there are not sound designed for a Sci-Fi movie, but with some sound design, you can take them easily into space. They are pretty scary on their own and help any composer to add the needed effect for a required jumpscare.

Stringache by SilenceOther Sounds Review Cinematic
Stringache by Silence+Other Sounds Review Cinematic

Stringache features

  • 570+ sounds (96 kHz, 24 bit .wav)
  • Crescendos and mangled rising clusters (cello, viola, violin)
  • Piercing high note screeches and jump scares
  • Dark cellos and double bass jetè
  • Twisted string gestures
  • Rhythms and clocks
  • Construction kit of 270+ source recordings 96 kHz, 24 bit .wav (double bass, cello, viola, and violin)
  • 14 Kontakt Instruments* with a custom UI to further manipulate the sounds

This library was easily usable with other collection like EON by Cinetools, several 8Dio (Hybrid Tools,…), UVI (Subculture, …), SampleTraxx (Sonikscape,…), Heavyocity (FORZO, )& SoundIron libraries, SD038 THUNDER SHEET,Monsters & Beasts a Creature Sound Effects Collection by BOOM Library Review, ATOM 2.0 by Audiomodern, Dark Era by Best Service, Native Instruments (Thrill), Atom Hub (The Planet Deep Scan, …) ModeAudio (Suspense Dark Cinematic Loops,…) The Unfinished (RePro-1 Firebird, …), Triple Spiral Audio (Discovery Horror Deluxe ) and so much more.

Overall this is a unique and new collection of sounds and effects that fit very well with other libraries and help any composer or sound designer to deliver more unique score for their next assignment.

User interface & Usability

You can import the WAV files (source recordings) into your DAW and take it from there if you prefer to not use Kontakt when you are working on a sound design task. As the WAV files are the source recordings you can apply your own effect chain and reverb.

Stringache by SilenceOther Sounds Review Low Pitch
Stringache by Silence+Other Sounds Review Low Pitch

The UI of the Kontakt instrument reminds me of several modular module, there are three layers which you can shape with the usual Kontakt effects.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Stringache is an excellent library focused on the contemporary horror market who is always in need of sounds, scary music, and effect to drive the scene to the audience.

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