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Balkan Ethnic Orchestra by Strezov Sampling Review

The Kontakt based Balkan Ethnic Orchestra library which is under review today is a huge collection of sampled of Eastern European instruments.

It is a unique compilation of gypsy and eastern Europe sounds that gives you access to a large number of Eastern European instruments. Strezov Sampling did send a review copy with no strings attached. For more from Strezov see also ourSTORM CHOIR 2 Complete by Strezov Sampling Review and Afflatus Chapter I Strings by STREZOV Review.


Balkan Ethnic Orchestra requires free Native Instruments Kontakt Player Version 5.7.1 or full Native Instruments Kontakt Version 5.7.1. You need 50 GB Hard drive space for the library (21GB for installation files and 28,6 GB extracted full-siz library)

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Strezov Sampling based in Bulgaria included in Balkan Ethnic Orchestra a complete orchestra library with that typical theme and vibe Eastern European instruments. The library is perfect for the score that is about eastern European countries, or if you need to score to picture for scenes where the Russian mob is in focus. When I think about the music that originates from this kind of orchestra one movie comes to my mind: CRNA MACKA, BELI MACOR Black Cat, White Cat.

If you have not seen this movie, I recommend to watch it now and continue with this article after you watch this great movie.

Recorded have been over 40 Ethnic Folklore Soloists from the Balkans. Spanning across Wind, Bowed and Plucked String and Brass Instruments, Vocal Quartet and Percussion Soloists with articulations including multiple True Legato recordings.

True Polyphonic Legato Ethnic Quartet Choir featuring Agile Legato for ten syllables in three speeds. A particular layer of sustain singing for all patches and the Syllabuilder Version 3 from the Next Generation Choir Series.

This library has the typical eastern European vibe you expect and includes band combos, ethnic instruments, a choir, textures, and pads.

The Kontakt Library includes five sections: Band, Choir, Ethnic, Pads, and Percussion.

Band section

Inside the Band section, you find Accordion, Double Bass, Bayan, Euphonium, Flugelhorn, Guitar, Trombone, Trumpet, and Tuba. Those instruments come all with the gypsy vibe and tone, I love it and keep smiling when I play them.

Choir section

In the Choir section, you find true polyphonic Ah & Eh Quartet Ah Legato. In addition, you get the well know Strezov Syllabuilder adopted from other choir libraries produced by Strezov. The vocals are just beautiful with a high dynamic range. The included Syllabuilder based on SYLLABUILDER ENGINE 3 is a combination of Phrase building (StormChoir, Freyja/Arva/Wotan series) and Wordbuilding.

Ethnic section

The Ethnic section includes Bulgarian Duduk High, Bulgarian Duduk Low, Duduk (Alto, Bass, and Tenor), Gadulka, Gaida, Gypsy Clarinet, Gypsy Romantic Violin, Gypsy Violin, Gypsy Voice, Kaval, Macedonian Kemane, Tambour, and Zourna.

Balkan Ethnic Orchestra Ethnic Patches

Pads section

Pads section, you will love them.
The included Pads are simple to use, producing excellent and outstanding results. You have access to more Futuristic and Fantasy sounding sets of different pads. Do not overlook this gem in this library.

Balkan Ethnic Orchestra Pads

Percussive Section

Finally, you receive a set of percussive instruments
Percussion is based on the X3M engine from the same company. You can include a drum or percussive instrument fitting your gypsy like vibe. Included are Solo Tupan, Single Chans (cowbells), Multiple Chans (cowbells), Klepalo (monastery wooden block), Tarambuka (darbuka), and Balkan Band.

Balkan Ethnic Orchestra Perc

The quality of the recordings is at a high standard and meeting the expected quality that you do receive from Strezov Sampling.

A musician from the Balkan will find many familiar instruments in this library; a composer can use the instruments to produce an eastern Europe mood and played in authentic form.

User interface & Usability

The library comes with a very clean and themed UI, easy to use. Many sections do benefit from other experiences the developer made when developing other products (choir, percussion as an example). The mod-wheel or key-velocity can be used in many articulations to manage Instrument’s dynamics.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Balkan Ethnic Orchestra is one of the leading libraries that has the vibe and sounds like eastern Europe and can be used easily in your score that for a story based on east Europe roots. All sections included are instrumental and perform exceptionally good and come with an authentic tone. The Ethnic part with 20 familiar and lesser-known instruments are a great addition as the excellent sounding pads. Or use the choir section and add some percussive instruments.

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